Minervit Boluses

Contains minerals and vitamins vital for transition cows, lactating cows, heifers, and beef cattle with the aim of maximizing animal health and productivity.

Selective breeding of dairy cows in order to obtain maximum productivity develops metabolic problems, which may lead to increased number of early elimination.

Lactation and reproduction are routinely top priorities for ration formulation. However, Reduced feed intake caused by environmental tension, parturition tension, oxidative tension due to high milk production and metabolic diseases results in sub-clinical trace element, mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Slow-release boluses are proper solution to overcome these deficiencies. With a unique release mechanism, the bolus provides long-lasting, adequate and consistent supply of vital trace elements, minerals and vitamins.


Transition cows

  • Elimination of mineral and vitamin supplement injection
  • Reduced numbers of Placental retention
  • Increased pregnancy rate at first service
  • Reduced numbers of inseminations per pregnancy
  • Decrease in open days
  • Reduced calving periods
  • Increased immunity and decrease in mastitis at the beginning of the lactation period.
  • Reduction of oxidative tension



High yielder dairy cattle

  • Enhanced resistance to metabolic and heat stress
  • Increased milk production and improved milk quality
  • Improved lactation continuity (Galactopoiesis)


 Non-Bred and Bred heifers

  • Increased growth rate of heifers and reduced age of the first mating
  • Boosted embryo growth and reduced stillbirth
  • Improved birth conditions
  • Reduced postpartum challenges


Donor and recipient cows in embryo transfer programs

  • Enhanced quality of extracted oocytes
  • Increased attraction rate after embryo transfer
  • Higher calving rate


Breeding calves over 150 kg

  • Improved growth rate and feed consumption efficiency
  • Reduction of metabolic problems and environmental stress


  • Cattle, calf, or heifer 150 kg and over – two boluses.
  • Use a bolus gun
  • Insert the bolus from the flat bottom into the barrel of the injector, the round side of the bolus should be pointing out.
  • After restraining the animal and holding the head up, insert the bolus-injector gently from the side of the mouth. Then push the lever so the bolus falls into the throat.
  • After dropping the bolus into the throat, hold the animal’s head up for 1-2 minutes to make sure it is swallowed.


  • Always use intact bolus. Do not reuse bolus when it falls out of the mouth. Do not use a bolus with damaged or broken cover.
  • Slow-release boluses are not a substitute for dietary minerals and vitamins. Do not alter the amount of minerals and vitamins in the diet.