Tensiontreat bolus

Contains slow-release antioxidants specially formulated to prevent retained placenta and support the immune system in high lactating cattle.

Free radicals generated by oxidative stress are linked to a variety of diseases. Increased stress will generate higher risk of disease development and progression specifically during calving and early lactation; therefore, it is vital to prevent damaging effect of free radicals.

Tensiontreat bolus is specially designed and formulated to boost up the immune system and to reduce the risk of environmental tensions (heat stress, herd density tension, vaccination stress, hoof trimming tension) and calving stress in pregnant cows, heifers, lactating cows, and beef cattle.

Tensiontreat bolus, with a slow-release mechanism, gradually provides vitamin A, selenium, zinc, copper, and manganese for a period of 21 days.

The bolus is cylindrical in shape with a diameter of 26 mm and a length of 23 mm with an orange waterproof coating.

Each bolus contains 63 mg of selenium, 750 mg of zinc, 2 g of copper, 1.2 g of manganese, and 1,575,000 IU of vitamin A. It is designed to release its contents gradually in 21 days.



  • Protection of immune system cells (neutrophils and lymphocytes) against the production of large amounts of reactive oxygen due to the presence of mineral-vitamin antioxidants
  • Strengthen the immune system of cows, heifers and bulls under environmental tension
  • Reduced retained placenta
  • Reducing the risk of subclinical and clinical mastitis in fresh cows
  • Improving milk production in lactating cows and improving the FCR in male calves
  • No need to inject antioxidant supplements including selenium + vitamin E before birth giving



Based on the experience of environmental tension in each herd and the herd veterinarian’s recommendation (based on the history of retained placenta, metritis and clinical mastitis), one to three bolus is recommended to close up cows and heifers one week before the probable date of calving.

In the case of lactating cows and male calves, it is recommended to feed one bolus (per 250 to 300 kg body weight) at the beginning of the summer season and repeating it in every 21 day until the end of the summer.

Use a magnetic feeder or a special applicator to feed the bolus.